Jungle Juice SALT 30ml

Flamingo Vapor MX

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Jungle Juice SALT 30ml
Jungle Juice SALT 30ml

Snow Leopard explores the Himalayan Mountains with a fresh wild-blueberry, berries mix freeze menthol notes and tangy notes will keep you climbing at the top.


Jungle Jaguar explores the wild jungle from Mexico to the Amazonas with these tropical mix perfectly blended with mango, peach and strawberry. It will keep you wild in the juicy jungle.


Sharknado Explosion will keep your head spinning around underwater.

Make our sour candy grape explosion your all-day vape.


Flamingo Paradise transports your taste buds to Aruba’s beach with freshly-squeezed lemons and handpicked-watermelon serving a delicious tangy pink lemonade with icy notes.


Bamboo Panda keeps you refreshed all the way to China with a mix of perfectly-blended melon, bubblegum-watermelon and minty notes.


Einstein ‘The Space Cat’ delivers a delicious strawberry pie to your spaceship mixing the smoothest blends of strawberry cream with notes of vanilla custard. It will take you out of space!

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